Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th April 2013 Written Update by Shailesh_Rathi

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th April 2013 Written Episode

Today’s episode:

Maasa all ready with all menfolk in the family and wondering what’s keeping her so late. The beendnis discuss amongst themselves how Emily ruined Maasa’s wedding plans.

SaRun (thanks naina) moment: Bhabhasa orders her to bring Maasa and very happy over how he got a chance to lord over bhabho.

All ladies (except Maasa) assembled and they are busy making worried looks to each other in the hall. They keep stalling and thakurji (who already seems to know) wonders that Maasa being vain about her looks may not even show up for ceremony.

Precap: Maasa’s husband warning that if he doesn’t get to see her face, he will remove the veil himself.

Maasa arrives dressed in a beautiful sari, but her entire face covered in a huge veil and sits next to Dadusa (her husband). He gets upset at not being able to see her face. In response to her challenge, he wants to see her face prior to gifting her shagun. Of course, if her face is not spotless as the moon, then all ladies would have to apologize on her behalf.

but Maasa makes Sandhya speak on her behalf that she is a Poonam ka chand and they will have to wait to see her beautiful face. Dadusa opens up the shagun and starts taking out the beautiful jewellery. Maasa gets scared and takes the jewellery in panic that he may open up her veil. And says that she would wear on her own.

Dadusa retorts that he doesnt like this part. He issues a challenge that if she would cover her face then he would also hide away the beautiful necklace and the ladies will have to find it. But he gives her a warning that this hiding face business can only happen until midnight, after which he will just come and open her veil.

Both Maasa and Dadusa come back to their room (we need a name for this pair).

Maasa is restless and wondering how to get back at the necklace. she declares that she will die but never let anyone see her face like it is. She asks all her beendnis that one of them has to go and flutter their eyes at her beend, so that he will assist her. She even goes up to bhabho and asks her if she is up to the challenge, who gets flustered .

Dadusa says that ladies are very powerful when it comes to their eyes, they only have to attract the beend’s attention and the men are all lost in their charm. suraj also blushes (which noone notices)

Maasa rejects bhabho anyway and keeps going around each of her beendnis and making remarks about useless each one of them are.
Dadusa also rejects bhabhasa and says that he is useless around bhabho who can easily control him.

Precap: Maasa tells Sandhya that she not only has to act all alluring to get the necklace with the help of suraj, but her saas bhabho will help her do so .

Dadusa also decides on Suraj to keep the necklace because he is sure that unlike other bahus, sandhya is not one to act all coy and playing womanly games to win. she is a very direct person.

Maasa keeps pestering Sandhya who;s all panicked and says that she does not know how to do this. M is wondering what’s the difficulty, as it is Suraj is all crazy over her. If she can’t do it on her own, then Bhabho would help her (chhavi’s expressions are really good here).

Bhabho tries to make expressions as per M’s suggestions but fails miserably. M is angry with her and retorts in her usual way how did she get 4 kids with that kind of expression? and then says that she herself will train Sandhya on how to woo a man to make him do anything you want. She declares that she has always won in M-D contests, and cannot lose this time.

No Precap for Monday…Cvs want to keep audience in suspense.